I'm Home!

Being home so far has been amazing/weird/comforting all at the same time.
Part of me feels like I never left and the other part of me feels like everything
has changed. I went to Safeway for the first time in a while yesterday and that 
was interesting and slightly embarrassing when I pictured how tiny the markets
are in Italy.

I think it will be a slow adjustment back to American life but so far it has
been pretty fun falling in love with my country and all of it's little quirks
all over again. Oh, and the fact that everyone speaks English? Fantastic! 
I have been failing at speaking English without mumbling my words and/or
forgetting that the person behind the counter knows English so I don't need to break
out into a sweat trying to come up with the words in Italian.

The little things make this transition hilarious and interesting. 

{photo from Cinque Terre. This was our view from out hotel room}


Anna said...

welcome home, dear friend! Big Love!

Laicie said...

What an amazing experience!! Even going away for a short time I always find that it changes the way I look at home once I come back. :)