I am on my own journey

{via J.Crew's Pinterest which is perfect.}

So it's no secret I have been feeling a little jumbled in the head and the heart 
(see last few posts) but lately I've started saying something to myself every time I start
moving down that dark hole of comparison and worrying that I'm not following some of life's

I am on my own journey. 

This is my story. This is my little bit of history and this is my personal journey. 
Comparison is useless once you realize you are following your own path and dang,
what a cool path it is. 

I have to repeat the little phrase more than I like but it's slowly working and 
I thought I would share in case someone else needs a little encouragement and help to
kill the comparisons. 


LaTonya said...

My horoscope said, "If you're having a hard time trying to pinpoint where you want to go next in life, you need something to spur you on and inspire you. Why not come up with your own slogan?" You might not be a Virgo but I think you're on the right track.

shayla. said...

i love this so much. thanks for sharing this perfect little reminder :)