A Little Blush


glasses, minimergency kit, bag, sweater, phone case, shirt, blush

Lately I have been lusting over everything and anything blush. I think it's such a subtle hue from the pink family and yet can add a fun punch of color to an otherwise bland outfit. How amazing are those Warby Parker glasses? I love the tortoiseshell design but with different tones than normal. I am going in for an eye exam soon and maybe they'll tell me I need a new prescription and therefore I need new glasses. We all know where I'm headed if that's true!

I'm sorry for the radio silence lately but I have had a nasty bug the last 4 days and have been in and out of bed and that's about it. Fun times around here! But it wouldn't be a normal winter without at least one cold, right?

I'm hoping to get some fun new content up next week! I miss being consistent on here!!
Thanks for staying with me! :) Oh, and how's March treating everyone so far?


Allie said...

Aww, to be 22 and have that kind of freedom again. Enjoy every minute!!

Allie said...

thanks march is fun