A Walk in the Park

Hello friends!

I called my uncle, a doctor, last week because I was convinced I had something more drastic than a cold, say Bronchitis or Laryngitis, something from the -itis famiy, and he regrettfully told me that the same kind of thing was making its way through the hospital and it's just a weird cold/flu bug. If you too have this weird hybrid bug, I apologize because it sucks. The minute this cough goes away, I'm rejoicing!

On a happier note, how fun are these shoes? They are the coolest shade of blue, kind of a gemstone blue (?), and they work so well with slim ankles! They were on sale at Anthropologie but THESE ONES are fun too and they slightly resemble one another. I got the top from TJ Maxx and it's a perfect layering piece as well as something you can dress up or down.

Have an amazing week rest of your week!

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