the spring wishlist

spring wishlistmascara, earrings, stripes, shorts, bag, blouse, navy, tunic, shoes, brow, lipstick, nail, studs

Spring has officially begun here in California and I am loving this weather. We have had an abnormally warmer winter anyways but spring weather is perfect for sitting outside with a glass of wine and some yummy cheese and crackers. It screams outdoor patios, lazy evenings and cool mornings. Basically, it's perfect.

I recently bought a pair of earrings similar to the turquoise ones above and I can't wait to whip them out soon! The ones pictured are way above my price range but the ones in the Design Darling shop are in a much better range. I also bought my sister that ballet slipper pink nail polish from the Butter brand when my dad and I went away to Napa and it is the most subtle shade of pink.

Makeup wise, I have been using Covergirl mascara for as long as I can remember and I always go waterproof. I like to say I have sensitive tear ducts because I shed a tear when I laugh almost daily. I also want to invest in some brow shadow since thicker and fun brows seem to be the way to go these days.

Lastly, I have been wanting those Madewell high-waisted shorts for a while now and I may have to bite the bullet and get them. How perfect would they be with a striped shirt like the red one from J.Crew?

Have there been any must-have  items that you have put on your spring wishlist lately?

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Allie said...

Love the anthro tunic!!! Cute picks and Covergirl mascara.... you can never go wrong with that, one of my absolute favs!!