Saturday Morning Farmers Market

 Portland is incredible in so many ways but one of the coolest things are the farmers market's every day of the week throughout the city. The one closet to my apartment happens to be at the Portland State campus and so we decided to explore this past weekend!

There was folk music everywhere, which made my heart very happy. These guys were awesome.

 I have to actively stop myself from eating Pinestate Biscuits constantly. I've been on a biscuit kick lately and these guys have the best ones.

Everything is currently lavender flavored in the city. From the ice cream to the coffee, it's every where. I, for one, have no problem with that because I've been on a lavender kick for a couple years now so I'm soaking it all up. I picked up some dried lavender at one of the stands and can't wait to hang it up.

I wore my favorite combo of stripes and flowers with my new Stella & Dot necklace and I felt very Portland-y. The Portland State campus has brick and trees everywhere so it was a prime spot to snap a few pics. 

I can't wait to make the farmers market a consistent event and to get all of my produce there. I was eyeing the heirloom tomatoes pretty intensely. ;) I sense a caprese salad in my future! 

Hope you had a great weekend!! What did you explore?

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