Let's Talk about Fall

Rain or Shine

I think it's no secret that I am absolutely ecstatic for fall. I talk about it non stop and the idea of the leaves changing and the crisper air makes me positively giddy. I haven't experienced a real fall in 4 years so I am long overdue.  I thought I would throw together two outfits that could easily be worn in the fall. I'm on a bit of a Madewell kick so most of these items are from there. When the fall hits, the weather can go from rainy to sunny at the drop of a hat so having two kinds of outfits ready to go is key. This entire weekend consisted of off and on rain, which made me glad I had my lightweight rain jacket to throw on periodically.
What are you favorite kinds of fall clothes?

This weekend I drove down to Bend, Oregon to visit with my parents and their longtime friend and it was a blast! Bend is beautiful and, being a fan of Deschutes Brewery, it was cool to see where it all began. We then adventured around Portland and ate as much delicious food as possible. Now today is my first day of graduate school so if you're feeling like sending out any prayers, I would be more than grateful!!

Happy Monday!

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