So it's been two weeks...

 In some ways, it feels like I've been here two weeks and in other ways it feels like I've been here way longer. I've packed my days with adventures and the desire to meet new people and also try out as many new things as possible. I know once school starts my reality will be quite a bit different, but for now I am trying to soak up all that Portland has to offer. 

There is something about this move that is entirely affirming. Every day I wake up entirely unsure of what is going to happen but 100% sure I will enjoy the day. God has placed me in this city, with these people and this speech program for a reason. I know and feel confident in this because a) I didn't get in anywhere else so there really wasn't much of a decision on my part and b) there's always been a magnetic pull pushing me towards the Pacific Northwest. 

Every time I meet someone and they ask me why I moved up here, instead of jumping to "Oh, I'm getting my masters here" (which, by the way, still a crazy thing for me to say!) I usually feel more inclined to say, "It always felt like I would end up here at some point. This feels like home." 

And it's true. 

Sure, I haven't experienced the winter yet and I'm sure there are some debbie downers out there who are waiting for the emotional rain posts, but within these two weeks, I have never felt more at ease. And do you want to know what excites me the most? Everyone I've met says it only gets better. I'll only fall more in love. That's a pretty neat thing to hear when you just moved to a new place. 

I have no doubt that there will be hard times to come but that's all part of the process. Every day I thank God that He placed me here surrounded by these people and these trees. He has blessed me tremendously. Every time I see Mount Hood I call it a little present. It honestly feels like one. My heart beats a little faster and I get the butterflies in my stomach like I just ran into the guy I like. It seems silly because it's a mountain but it's little (or technically, big, in this case) gifts like Mount Hood and the feeling of awe associated with it that remind me I'm exactly where I need to be.

And that's the ultimate gift. 

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