23 on my 23rd

23 on my 23rd
23 things I’ve learned:
1. When in doubt, watch a Parks & Rec episode.
2. Move to a place that always felt right and what do you know, it feels like home.
3. If you follow God’s plan everything works out perfectly.
4. True friendships make themselves known and stick around.
5. “Don’t be scared to walk alone. Don’t be scared to like it.” –John Mayer
6. Go listen to that band, eat at that restaurant or see that movie even if no one else wants to go with you. Don’t wait around.
8. Facetime is almost always better than texting.
9. Find a church and belong there.
10. Appreciate the belly laughs, tears and uncertainty and hold on.
11. Realize that this time in your life is FUN. Treat it as such.
12. Grad school is hard but worth it. You could meet the greatest people.
13. A long walk is incredibly therapeutic. So put on those headphones and sneakers and get walkin’.
14. Find a form of exercise that works for YOU and YOUR body.
15. Listen more in conversations. Silence isn’t a death sentence. It’s actually where all the good stuff happens.
16. Pray constantly. Pray as you walk down the street, before bed, in the car, always.
17. City living is a blast and every time you drive into Portland or walk around you’ll feel a sense of peace.
18. It’s ok to get giddy and maybe get TOO excited about something. You’re allowed to be happy.
19. You have the best support system.
20. This past year was hard but you would never take any of it back. Hard times make for stronger hearts.
21. Send the note, help people feel known and extend grace especially when it’s difficult.
22. My life has been one fairly consistent timeline and now’s the time to throw the plan out the window and wait for God to say what’s next.
23.Dance like Drake, sing like Adele and scream out the lyrics, tell the goofy story, read the fluff book, don’t let your heart grow hard from all the pain in the world, drink endless amounts of coffee and call your loved ones.

Here’s to 23 years!

looking back:: 22, 21, 20

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