On my 21st Birthday...

21 on my 21st

21 Things I've Learned...

1. Studying abroad is the one of the best adventures out there.
2. Life throws curveballs constantly but it's all about how you handle them.
3. A little bit of lipstick always spruces up a look.
4. A tattoo is the perfect accessory (and forever companion) if it means something to you.
5. Always try to be on time. It's polite.
6. People that go out of their way to be kind are truly wonderful.
7. Disneyland is perfect for any age.
8. You'll never feel more grown up than when you plan a trip to 3 different countries. 
9. Black is always classy.
10. Get off the couch and go live! You'll never regret it.
11. Read constantly.
12. People will disappoint you but sometimes, people will really surprise you and there is nothing better. 
13. Comparison is the thief of joy (I so didn't make that one up so thanks, Teddy Roosevelt).
14. Children have magic in their hearts. Try to remember that child-like wonder and latch on.
15. Laugh with tears in your eyes and pain in your stomach.
16.There is an art to feeling content with being alone. But don't get too comfortable.
17. Let people in. Let them show themselves to you.
18. A touch of gold is always acceptable.
19. Life will never slow down so write everything down and stop to take moments in.
20. Always allow for change but stay true to your morals and what makes you uniquely you. 
21. God has an almighty and perfect plan and I can't wait to see what He has in store for me in this upcoming year.


Sarah Ann Dyer said...

love this!! Happy Birthday Allie!!! Have a great day and year :)

Debbie Sultan said...

Oh so wise at 21! Love #4!!!!
and 13,16,21

lauren jean allece said...

I love these! If anyone is going to do 21 proud, it's you lady! Happiest of happy birthdays to you!!!

LaTonya said...

I agree with Debbie; very wise. On my 20th birthday last year, since I was far from home and alone, I spent my day on Facebook posting quotes that related to turning 20 and growing up. Reading multiple quotes all at one time just make you feel like life is going to be great.