On my 20th Birthday...

20 on my 20th

20 things I’ve learned…
1. The best investment is time spent with loved ones.
2. God always has a plan regardless of whether or not I believe it to           be true in the moment.
3. Some friends walk into your life for seasons and others take a seat and stick around a while. Both are important.
4. Judging is never worth the time.
5. Saying you hate others or even possessions is not worth the time either.
6. Laughter is truly the best medicine, especially the kind where you can't breathe. 
7. Sisters are a special gift and built-in best friends.
8. Dressing up always makes you feel better. So does putting on a little make-up.
9. Normalcy is a term boring people made up to feel important. Being unique is truly the best. 
10. Kindness matters.
11. Being passionate about something is a blessing... don't let it slip away.
12. Music has a way of sneaking into your soul and releasing any pent up emotions you may have had and allowing everything to be let out.
13. Concerts are always worth your time and money. 
14. Putting in effort is important even when you feel it isn't deserved.
15. But that isn't to say you should let others walk all over you.
16. Know when to say no.
17. But say "yes" often. You never know what adventures are out there. 
18. Sometimes it takes leaving to realize how blessed you truly are.
19. Your mom and dad are right. Oh, so right.
20. Life is meant to be grasped with all your might, so go out and love this big wide world! 

Any wise words for me on my birthday?


Marlen said...

Aw happy birthday to you- 20 is a great one :D And you were such a cute little peanut.

I love this 20 in 20 idea. Amen to the part where kindness goes a long way. Random acts (weather from me or from a stranger) always brightened my day. And I totally agree that dressing up always lifts my mood :)

I hope you have an amazing time celebrating!!

lauren jean allece said...

You are wise beyond your years Allie - you are going to rock your 20s (shoot, you're going to rock LIFE)!

#1,2,4,5,10,16 & 17 are my favorites... As far as any other wise words, from what I've learned in the last (almost) 27 years, I know this much: He's got this.

Trust God, trust yourself & trust the people who love you. Happy birthday (again!)!

MMB said...

You definitely are an old soul, but so am I, and I am barely older than you. I would also say trust what you believe in, don't compare yourself to how others live their lives, and make sure to carve out "me" time to re-center yourself :)


Dana said...

Your twenties are a time to figure out what makes you, you. Spend some good time on that. Happy Birthday!

Nicole Marie said...

totally agree with these! happy birthday!!