On my 22nd birthday...

22 on my 22nd:

22 things I've learned...

1. Make all different kinds of friends and realize that each one is important.
2. Live in a place for a whole year in order to give it a full, fighting chance.
3. You make yourself as happy as you want to be. 
4. Stop trying to make long-term plans. God's got this. Just be ready.
5. Embrace change. 
6. Make lists but leave room for spontaneity. 
7. Work hard and play hard.
8. Make an effort with those who prove they want to be in your life.
9. Growing up is hard to do but also has its perks.
10. I am on my own journey.
11. Just keep praying.
12. Adventures and little escapes are important.
13. Family is truly forever. 
14. Kindness is everything.
15. You are good enough, confident enough, and beautiful.
17. Dance parties are really important.
18. Let yourself be amazed every once in a while. 
19. Never forget how important the little things are.
20. Don't suppress your excitement and enthusiasm. Even if it seems silly. 
21. Don't be afraid to be goofy and silly anywhere and everywhere. 
22. You can be happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time and it's ok. (because Taylor Swift said so....)

Past birthdays: 20, 21


Allie said...

*STOP COMPARING* changes everything!! Seriously. Happy Birthday!!!

Annie Reeves

Allie said...

Happy early birthday!!! The 21st birthday is the best. I hope you have a blast!

Allie said...

But seriously. I still have to remind myself every day or so (haha) but it's such a relief once you let it go!!