Arizona Days...

are hot! Holy bezeesus yes, they are.

I mean they tell you to prepare for this type of desert heat that swoops
all around you and dries your hair within a few minutes (actually, very cool
considering my hair dries for quite a long time typically) but dang.

Yesterday my cousin and I walked around campus until we couldn't
anymore and we found a bench to just breathe on. (I may be a little melodramatic
but I'm just trying to get the point across how hot it was.)

For you number people, it was 106. But as the Arizonians like to say,
"But it's a dry heat." Dry heat or no dry heat, it's just hot!
(me in front of my dorm)

Orientation was fun though. I met some very nice people and it got
me excited to start school in August. Oh yeah, and I get to take Italiano!
:) Italy, here I come!

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