Scenes from Truckee

We went up to Truckee expecting some colder weather but nothing that involved snow. But what really happened was that a lot of snow came to visit us. I didn't mind though. The snow was truly beautiful. There is something about the way snow falls that gets me every time. It's so unlike rain with its harsh drops and loud pounding. Snow is graceful and eerily quiet. Like the difference between a yell and a whisper.

Truckee was what I needed to appreciate all the friends I have accumulated throughout my four years. I am grateful for each and every personality and sad I won't be seeing these same, safe faces come August.

But that's what this college experience is all about; branching out and becoming something new. Well, maybe not someone new, since I don't really want to become a new person, just someone improved and who better fits into their body. Because all we ever want is to become a better person each and every day right?

Song of the Day:
Pumped Up Kicks- Foster the People

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definatlynotcarson said...

Y r there no pics of me? Even though this post obviously involves me