My Room :)

Sometimes it's hard to face reality. And right now, my reality is that my sister is going to take over my beloved room come September. I have invested a lot of time into this room and honestly, it's what many would call a dream room. It has tilted ceilings and nooks, and natural sunlight all day long. I'm going to miss this room tremendously.
But for now, here are some pictures of my room:

"office" area (notice diploma and TOMS sticker on computer)
My vintage items
(a real 1943 yearbook, old Saturday Evening Posts's and vintage gloves. Also,
a picture of my cousin and I as babies)
My bed
Back corner area
Record player and jewelry
Big window with my records, painting, and body figure

bathroom with sunlight
entry area with my name spelt wrong
(I used to spell Allie like that but changed it.)
Door collage

It really is a fantastic room. Something I'll miss for a long time
once it's gone. :( But now my sister gets to move in
and design it her own way.


Hannah said...

oh my goodness I am sooo sweet on your room! it looks straight out of pb teen catalogue..i love it!

(i know what you mean though, my sister took over my room when i left for college...not fair!)

Heather said...

That has to be the cutest bathroom -- I love the slanted ceiling and the sunlight!!

Allie said...

Thanks you guys! I have put a lot of time into it through the years. :) And yeah, the slanted ceilings are definitely my favorite part!