To an incredible dad

Father's Day means more and more to me as I get older.

As I grow and become more of who I strive to be, I realize that I'm turning more and more into my dad. When I was younger and he would be hovering over us telling us the dishes aren't clean enough and you shouldn't be lazy or I would roll my eyes and get annoyed when we'd all go on a walk and he'd have to bring a frisbee because walking just wasn't enough, I vowed never to do most of what he taught us. Or to at least not be as picky about certain things like he is. (Call it my selfish teenager phase)

But now as I become a growing adult, I realize I have all those little quirks my dad has and that obsessive need to make sure the dishes are sparkly clean before you put them in the dishwasher. I'll call him up and be freaking out that I just did something he always does and that I said I'd never do. Or do something he normally does and in his absence, I took over and didn't even realize I was channeling him until it hits me later. And now, I'm the girl who carries frisbee's in the back of her car at all times because you never know when you could stop at a park and who knew, but frisbee's are really fun!

Overall, my dad has been teaching me to be a fun and responsible human being from day 1. He's taught me to not dwell on a situation out of my control, to exercise as much as possible and get outside whenever you can, to live a life of laughter and smiles, and also, to shower the people you love with small surprises and love. He is always the one to bring us that occasional breakfast in bed just because it's a random Saturday or have little treats hidden somewhere in the house for us to find.

He's always open to new adventures and new discoveries.

And he's my hero.

Love you dad

(the picture is of my sisters, dad, and I hiking in Hawaii)

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