Loving Some Artwork

I've already decided, college it going to be a bit rough.

I love my family, my home, and my friends here. I'm not running away from any demons. I'm a happy gal. So the whole moving to another state for college, yeah, that will be difficult.

So I've decided I'm going to invest a lot of time and energy (and let's not kid, money also) into my dorm room. I need this room to be as homey as possible and make me feel comfortable.

I'm a dreamer. I know this. I have big dreams and aspirations for myself. Basically, I have my 10 year plan all mapped out. (But don't worry, I left room for road bumps.) But oftentimes, I have to stop myself and just breathe. Not worry about what's going to happen 10 years from now and just worry about tomorrow. OR not worry at all! (crazy thought!)

When I saw this art piece by Sam from Young and In Love, I fell in love. I decided I needed this to remind myself to start here in the present. Let tomorrow come as it may. So I bought it!

Because honestly, I'm that girl on the chair day dreaming about traveling the world, mission trips to Africa, and traveling as a Speech Therapist helping out people in other countries.

And I need to be reminded to slow down every once in a while. :) So that's why this print will go perfectly in my dorm.

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