A Simple Prayer

Sun rise, Hollywood Beach, FL

Lately, I haven't been well. My mind has felt like a constant battle is being fought and the winner will never be determined. I could never find a way out of this battle without surrendering to the darker side. But I refused to surrender.

Instead the battle raged on and was slowly eating away at me until finally I would scream from so much conflict. And the conflict all ended as of last night.

I don't often talk about my faith on here, but I believe in a powerful God. I believe he moves mountains. Last night I heard this retired Lieutenant in the Army discuss his love of God and how he has seem miracles happen on the battlefields. Afterwards, we prayed and I prayed that I could be a better person and let my newfound selfish and jealous tendencies disappear.

And while I don't believe they have disappeared completely, they have certainly decreased the power they have over me. The praying worked and I feel like I can breathe.

Instead of confessing my fears and jealously to the people that don't deserve that burden, I will walk away. If I know something is going to bring those feelings back to shore, I will leave. Because I was washed clean of them and they don't deserve to be brought back to the surface. Sometimes all we need is a simple prayer.

Thanks for listening. Has anything similar happened to you?

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