What I'm Loving...

What I'm Loving...

I haven't shown what I've been loving in a while so I thought
today would be an appropriate time. Today I chose to display
Topshop items that caught my eye in honor of the Olympics and 
Topshop being a British brand. 

I would wear this top to the Great Gatsby premiere 
in December. (Saw the preview again yesterday and 
squealed like a little girl.)

I think these shorts are a necessity for Tucson weather. 

This dress reminds me too much of Kate Middleton to 
ever be skimmed over. Love the classy peplum look and the pink.

This 1920's fit dress might also be a good contender
for the Great Gatsby midnight premiere. 

This is just too cute.

And in honor of the Fab Five in Olympics getting the gold
yesterday (USA USA USA!!!) I thought this gymnastics
inspired dress would be a fun fit into what I'm loving.

There you have it! What is your favorite piece that I picked out
or your favorite Topshop piece in general right now?

Happy Wednesday!


Elsha.Rae said...

Before I even read the caption under the adorable dress I immediately thought of gorgeous kate! love love love it!

Marshall said...

I love all of those pics. And yes, feel free to email me before you leave for ITALY!! for any recs or questions! You are going to LOVE it.