My View

I don't want to brag right now...

but this is my view at this very second. We are up in Tahoe
right now and I'm having a pinch me, I'm feeling so blessed kind of 
moment because I'm looking out on this beautiful lake.

Tahoe is truly my happy place. Some other sights and sounds around me include
a fresh Christmas tree scent, Spanish being spoken from men climbing
the trees to my left (I have no idea why...), the sounds of boats being revved up,
and birds chirping. 

Like something out of a Disney movie. (Minus the Spanish speaking tree climbers?)

Update: It looks like they are throwing pine cones out of the trees?


christine donee said...

i'm. so. jealous.

Gaby said...

yeah you can brag, that's amazing :)

Allison Taylor said...

I've never been to Tahoe before, but I live kind of close there. It looks so pretty! Hope you're enjoying yourself over there :)

Allie said...

why is tahoe so gorgeous? where are you eating while youre there? pleaseee have breakfast at the log cabin inn (something log cabin?) it is AMAZINGGGG

his little lady said...

um, yep! i'm jealous! your view is more than perfect!!!!
xo TJ