My Journey

Today is my last day at home and the end of the longest period of time I'll be at home
for the unforeseen future. This summer has contained heartbreaks, deep belly laughs,
disappointments, memories that'll last, and tears from both sadness and happiness.

I wouldn't take back anything that happened this summer because I believe
it has made me a better person, friend, sister and daughter and I feel better
prepared for my journey ahead.

I realize now that my journey is one that most of the time will be walked alone
with people joining my path for moments at a time, leaving, and possibly returning
or not returning ever. A constant circle

But being at peace with that and knowing it isn't the worst thing to walk alone 
is what helps when the going gets tough. 

I'll be absent for a little while as I prepare my room for departure
and drive the 14 hours to Tucson. 
See you on the other side! 


Liv Lundelius said...

All the best for your trip and the fresh start!
Sorry to hear about the heartbreak, but better times are lying right ahead of you!

iheartkiwi said...

Welcome to Arizona lady!

Two of my brothers live in Tucson and absolutely love it. It's a little rough on the outside but it has so much character :) Good luck!

Niken said...

Leaving home is hard. But new place means new adventure,isn't it?

Anha Senet said...


Allie said...

good luck with the move! looking forward to more posts from tuscon!

Nicole Marie said...

good luck with the move and new beginnings!

stefanie hurtado said...

these are beautiful and very relatable words for me right now. good luck with your move. and enjoy that long drive ;) the longer they are, the more therapeutic.

Anna said...

I'm moving out (for real!) in a few weeks, and me oh my, I'm scared. But girl, I heard it's the best!

High fives to adventures! And moral support. ;)