Style Crush: Olivia Palermo

I would love all the above outfits... please?
Oh, and her hair would be nice too. But I won't beg. 

The thing is, I had a revelation last night. If I had as much money as 
Olivia Palermo has, then I would dress like this too. But I most certainly
do not and therefore cannot expect the same type of clothes that she can 
afford and put together. Now that I realized that, I feel better about my closet.
Closet, you rule. :)


Personal Style said...

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Nicole Marie said...

isnt she just amazing!

Nicole Marie said...

and exactly my thought. if i had that much money i could dress impeccably too!

Anna said...

She shows up everywhere---always looking perfect! I could wikipedia it, but I always wonder why she is famous? Ok, off to research now! xo