Surprise Day

 Amanda and I have been best friends since our Freshman year of high school
and since then, we have become more like sisters than best friends. Before I leave
for school, Amanda planned a surprise day for me and it was amazing!
Our first stop was to the river where we had lunch. 
 We toured around where I went to high school for 4 years, her for 2, 
(she transferred our junior year) and this is the classroom where we
became friends.

 We also went to my favorite coffee shop, Bloom, and had delicious

 And because she knows I love drinking out of mason jars,
she bought some just for our lunches.
It was such a good day. We finished it off by watching my favorite Disney
movie, The Princess and the Frog. 

Oh, and I officially became an adult this week with my 
very first Costco card! Yipee!!!

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