My New Home

I thought I'd share a few photos of the home
I've been decorating for the past few days. 
 Our cute adobe home. 

 My dresser.

 Little corner desk.

 The cozy family room.

 Reading nook.

 Dining room and gallery wall.

 All the art is from thrift stores, estate sales or is handmade. 

The prettiest shower curtain.

I hope you enjoyed the photos! We are pretty happy here. 


Michelle said...

You have the cutest house! I love your living room and reading nook.

Rosalyn K. said...

love the bright shower curtain..cute house..congrats!!

Jessica Wray said...

I adore your art wall!


Nicole Marie said...

such a pretty shower curtain

laurenjeanallece said...

Those built-in bookcases by the fireplace! I love this little house!

Allie said...

OH MY GOSH!!! is this the new place in arizona!?!?! what a perfect little house i especially love the living room!

Nancy Irving said...

nice cozy house, it seems warm and family. congratulates the good taste! warm greetings!

Genny said...

This made me realize that owning a house gives us a sense of freedom to do anything we want to do with it. We can redecorate and do whatever we want in the house. Especially, we do not have to worry about the landlord overcharging us for a broken door, or unfriendly neighbors who cannot turn down the volume of their stereo, right? :)

Genny Stutesman

Ofelia Bertrand said...

Adobe homes are just so refreshing to the sight because it is very “Earthy!” What are the latest renovations and updates, by the way? I would love to know whether that yard is now a lively garden. :D

Ofelia Bertrand

Calvin said...

Your new home looks so cozy. However, it seems like it’s a very covered area. Perhaps you can install more windows to let natural light in and make the room look bright. Well, it’s just me. You can always do you like to your new home. =)

- Calvin Mordarski