I'll Be Home For Christmas

{This girl with a pineapple has nothing to do with what I'm about to say but I like the colors and it
reminds me of warmer days}

I am here to say I won't be posting this week due to finals. Honestly, it will probably be quieter around
here for quite some time. For the next week and a half my mind will be thinking about 
communication disorders, disability studies and language science non stop. 
Bare with me and when I come back I'll be in San Diego picking my sister up from 
school so I'll have some fun San Diego stories. 

Basically, I'll see you when I'm home for Christmas though. 
Have a wonderful week. :) 


Shelby said...

good luck with finals lady!! and i love that picture!! it reminds me of the mystery pineapple in How I Met Your Mother. hahaha

Shannon Broderick said...

good luck on finals! can't wait to hear about your time in san diego xx

Little Blue Backpack

Jane Harman said...

finals suck.