The Beautiful Little Things

There are some photos that bring you back to little memories you had forgotten and this photo
is one of those. While my parents were visiting Orvieto with me, we saw a Wisteria 
growing beautifully on the side of someone's house so we went over to smell the flowers. 
As we were sneaking a smell, the lady who had grown the wisteria was gardening in her
tiny yard and saw we loved her work of art so she proceeded to cut a small branch for 
both my mom and I. We were so struck by her kindness that we thanked her a thousand
times over and continued to smell the sweet smelling flower for the rest of our walk.

I think the kind woman understood the notion of sharing beautiful little things. What good
are they if we hoard them for ourselves? Pretty things are meant to be enjoyed and shared,
at least I believe so. 

It's funny how memories come to you right when you need them. I didn't know I 
needed a little reminder of the simpler, Italy days until now.
I miss Italy every single day. 


lauren jean allece said...

This is so perfect, Allie. I love that notion of sharing the beauty we create… Follows with that amazing truth that we are made for each other, each of us beautiful and worthy of love.

Hope you have a beautiful New Year, Allie!!!

Semirah Dolan said...

aww that little lady sounds so sweet! It is so cool meeting amazing people like that during your travels.

Adriana Renee Chavez said...

Aw, love the idea of the little things. So great!