Little Frustrations

{amazing Everygirl print}

I'm in that stage where I am just waiting (referring to the quote above). I have had a lot
of faith lately and not a lot of moments that pick me up. I've worked extremely hard and
there have been no results showing my hard work. I think that's the most frustrating
thing about grades. Then on top of your own guilt and frustration, everyone around you is
announcing their good work and you feel defeated. (One of those moments that I really
hate social media.) 

Finals suck and we all know that but when it comes down to what you are choosing to 
major in and you still aren't producing results, finals suck even more. 
I'm currently in San Diego visiting my sister at her school until we both drive home.
I keep trying to put on a happy face and let all the school frustrations go but boy is it hard!

Tomorrow I am going to go to the beach, do a little shopping, and not check my grades
because who needs them anyways? (roll with me on this one)
We'll see how I do...

(I missed blogging A TON by the way!!)

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