The Perfect Little Gifts

Everyone and their brother is putting together gift guides right now and a lot of the time
I end up becoming overwhelmed by the long lists. I thought I would just throw together 
a little stocking stuffer gift list that is short and sweet and any of these gifts would be
perfect for friends! 

Everyone has been talking about the gold monogrammed mugs from Anthropologie 
but what about the books cut out into letters? I have been wanting the 'A' for
quite some time. The Kate Spade glitter coaster would also be perfect for that friend
who is always throwing little parties. Maybe for your sister you throw in some of
the hair ties that don't crease your hair and give her some of those fun colorful

What are some of your favorite little gifts to give someone? 
(And all these gifts are $25 and below!!) 

1 comment:

Tiffany Khyla said...

These are really cute ideas! I especially love the "Cold Hands Warm Heart" cup!