Outfit Post:: 21st Birthday

My roommate surprised me the morning of my birthday with 21 balloons alternating
in gold, silver and white. It was perfect! The next obvious step was to pose with the
gold balloons...naturally. I received the bow flats for Christmas and love how they add
an extra little something to the outfit. Posing in the middle of the street for some outfit
shots is definitely not for the easily embarrassed, let me tell you. Cars passing
by definitely gave us some weird faces. (I regret nothing.)

Birthday recap coming to you tomorrow! 

Here's the facts:: shirt {anthropologie-similar} pants {Levi's from Twice.com} shoes {Anthro-similar}


Gabbie said...

Those shoes are adorable! Happy 21st!


Ashliegh said...

Happy 21st birthday!! Enjoy your day! I love the bow on the back of those shoes! Absolutely adorable!