Wanna Get Away:: Santa Cruz

Two weekends ago (so late to posting, I know) I went with my service fraternity,
APhiO, to Santa Cruz for our regionals conference.
It was a jam packed weekend filled with workshops on becoming
better leaders and getting people excited about service and then plenty of bonding 
as well. 

Being back in the Bay Area and being there with my Tucson friends was such a neat
experience. It felt like both of my homes were in one place for once. 

There is something about getting away, even if that means you are sleeping on a strangers floor, that gives you more perspective and leaves you feeling refreshed. Some fresh ocean air
also does wonders for the soul. And when you finally return home, there is nothing better than
your own bed and the constant familiarity. (AmIright??)

What's your favorite type of weekend getaway?

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