A Giant Welcome to 2014

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What can I say about 2013? 

2013 was the year that I learned to let go just a little bit more yet remained true to myself and
what I believe in, traveled parts of the world, got a tattoo, embraced a new community
and new friendships, gained a leadership position, questioned if Speech is for me and then
realized yes, yes it is, and ultimately learned that I have no idea what the future holds
but that He has a perfect plan for me. 

There's something to say about expecting a month to go one way and being completely surprised
when those expectations never pan out and something wonderful takes its place. I talked
a little about this here when I discussed leaving spaces open for moments you can never

2013 began with my 20th birthday and a very low point for me. Once January was wrapped up,
everything came together and Italy happened. Never again will I experience something as 
magical as my time in Italy was. I miss those experiences and my life that I created there every single
day but I know that chapter of my life is closed and I welcome different changes to now occur.

I'm welcoming 2014 in with open arms and wishing 2013 a proper adieu while keeping in
mind all that 2013 gave me. I love the print above and think I may use it as my guideline for the new year. Big things are going to happen this year including possibly a
graduation (??!!) and figuring out the next step of my life. I'm excited to share this journey
with all of you and to continue this little online journal. :)

I hope you have the happiest New Years Day. 

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