Real Talk:: Balance


Let's talk about balance.

Tonight I had a mini meltdown because something unexpected came up right
when all was going according to plan and isn't that how it always happens?
Lately I have been really trying to maintain a healthy balance of everything going on
but every once in a while you need to let a few tears fall and send up a prayer.
I can't do this alone. I really can't.

There's a fine line with balance where you feel comfortable and stable and I wish we 
could all remain in this state because it really is bliss feeling like you're
doing everything right. But then something breaks our balance and we have to stumble
a little and find that peace again. Sometimes finding that peace means something needs to 
change and other times it is just a hiccup in the road. 

So I'm currently searching for that stability again and 
I hope you find your stable place as well. :)

We all strive for some balance don't we?

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MMB said...

I get it. I am not telling my friends (because they will help me too much), but I gave up planning my social calendar. Basically, I have to be spontaneous and simply go with the flow for the rest of Lent. It's been super amazing. I am focused more on the here and now, and only can make a plan that's less than 12 hours away, unless someone else initiates.

You will find balance. This is a lifelong struggle for us all.