Wishing, Reading, Watching, Doing (WRWD)

Here's another installment of W.R.W.D and I've decided these are really fun to do. 

Wishing:: I am currently wishing I owned a pair of short overalls. I know, I know, they
are way too trendy right now but I kind of think they would be perfect for the desert
summer I'm going to encounter this year.

Reading:: I want to get my hands on Love Does. I've heard amazing things about this book
and Bob Goff sounds like an incredible man. 

Watching:: I'm watching the second part of the third season of Suits and this show is just too
good. I find myself smiling throughout because I love these characters so much.

Doing:: I am taking lots of notes and making many a to-do lists lately. I picked up a Rifle 
Paper Co. notepad and nothing can stop me now from staying organized!

What do you think of the overall trend right now? 


MMB said...

Suits is life-changing. I can't believe I am watching another lawyer show, but it's so funny and well-written.

Love Does. This should be at the top of your priority list. The awesome thing is that every chapter of the book is a different story, so if you are reading during a semester, you can pick it up whenever without getting lost if there's a lot of time in between.

Happy (almost) weekend!

lauren jean allece said...

Love Does will make you look at life like you never did before! Bob spoke at church a year or so ago and totally blew my mind - in retrospect I completely regret not running up and hugging that man! It's one of the best books I've ever read, I know you'll love it!

Kaitlyn O'Loughlin said...

Totally down for some short overalls. I think they will make me feel like a kid again. Plus I like how they are just as simple to style as dresses. Adorable!

LaTonya said...

When I told my friend I don't watch Suits, she almost had a heart attack. One day I will get into it. Right now I'm watching 90210 on Netflix and whenever I take a break from binge-watching, I feel so relieved that I do not have that drama in my life.

I plan on reading The Fault in Our Stars. I'm wishing for a successful end to my semester, and I'm doing a lot of writing for Philosophy. I love it.