Feeling Restless


I am far too restless right now. My life feels very together yet my mind is the farthest thing
from being "together." I pray for a still heart and mind yet I seem more restless than ever.
I really need to get my ish together and just breathe!

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lauren jean allece said...

I read this just after you posted and my goodness girl, did it ring true! That feeling and I go WAAAAY back - far too familiar with one another. Beyond just gritting your teeth, believing in trust, and trying to mind-over-matter that ish until it finally relents, there is little that can be done. But I can tell you one thing for sure... He will not let this be in vain! He's got you in the fire and He's refining you into the most brilliant gold... And I know you've got the faith to stand strong in it! Keep going, keep trusting and know that you've always got an ear here that will listen if you need it!