I had an absolutely amazing time in Nashville. I spent three days observing at Vanderbilt
hospital where I learned so much about my future profession and I got to meet some incredible
people and feel like I'm really working towards something. This photo above is the skyline
view of beautiful downtown Nashville. 

 After the observation, my aunt met up with me and we explored all around the Nashville
area and visited two southern plantations! I snapped this photo at the Belle Meade plantation
because I thought it was hilarious how so many southern homes have cemeteries on the 

We went to Andrew Jackson's home, The Hermitage, the next day and it was a 
stunning piece of land! (Yes, I'm wearing the same coat because it was freezing and I 
only brought one coat.) Here I am frolicking in General Jackson's gardens.
I didn't think he would mind too much. ;)

I'm back home now finishing off my spring break relaxing and finishing some work
I have put off. 

I hope you've had an amazing week and happy friday!!!

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