Sea Salt Spray

 I recently cut my hair pretty drastically (hi long bob! Pictures coming soon... hopefully)
and knew I wanted to find some way that I can let my natural waves come through
without using heat because it is too hot as it is. I went around picking up different
sea salt sprays like they were candy and these are some of my favorites::

 This one smells amazing and doesn't feel like a hairspray when it dries which is nice
but I've found that it doesn't create/hold my curl very well. 
You can buy it here.

 This is the one I prefer over the Toni&Guy brand because it really holds the curl
and creates a fun look. The only downfall is the smell which is pretty sweet for my
taste. It's like spraying candy onto your hair (not really but kinda). It also has a pretty
strong hold which isn't my favorite because I like when my hair is soft but if it keeps
the curl then I'll survive.

I have not tried this one yet but I really, really want to! I have heard great things about
it but I just can't justify buying another sea salt spray right now! Soon my entire
bathroom is going to be stocked with only beach sprays. 

Do you have one that you love? And if you haven't tried a beach spray yet,
definitely get on that! It also works on straight hair (or so the internet says)! 


nicole said...

i've been wanting to try one of these - maybe i'll give the last one a go!

LeeLee said...

I really want to try the first product. Can't wait to check it out.