Questions and Answers

I had pinned this quote a while back just because I liked it but when I was 
flipping through my feed, I ran across it again and this time it hit me differently. 
I would say 2014 has definitely been a year of answers for me. 
Even when I didn't expect to see any answers for certain questions or 
I didn't even think I was questioning anything at all, answers have appeared

This weekend in particular was filled with answers. It was a roller coaster type of 
weekend that had its complete ups and downs but I would definitely say more ups than downs.
I realized how blessed I am with the people in my life and what an incredible
summer this has been. Whats even better is that I still have a month to go! 

If you are having a year that is asking questions or a year that is answering, 
I hope you seize each opportunity and be looking for those answers. :)


Jamie said...

I love this quote!


Maya McDonald said...

I'm definitely having a year where I keep asking myself questions - but I don't have the answers yet! Hopefully they'll come soon! xx