Taylor Swift Said it Best


I think Taylor Swift said it best when being in your 20's means you're "happy,
free, confused and lonely at the same time." And then add in the "it's miserable and 
magical..." There really is no other way to describe all the emotions and experiences
that happen during this time. I know I am just beginning my journey into my 20's
and for that I am grateful but jeez these two years have been turbulent. 

Turbulent not necessarily in a bad way but there really is never too many calm moments
and if there are, I still feel restless. One second I can be happy as can be enjoying
my summer with friends and work etc. and the next I am feeling down on myself
for not being completely in line with certain milestones I haven't reached yet. 

I am at a really good place in my life right now. That's not to say times aren't rough
every once in a while or I'll find a cockroach just hanging out next to me bed
and have to freak out and deal with it all alone because no one else is home. But
I guess all those annoyances and frustrations don't matter as much when I realize
how blessed I am to live the life I do at 21 years old. 

Who is to say how my life will change when I'm 22 but 21 ain't half bad. 
(written when I've been 21 for about 6 months now)

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Shelby said...

I have been thinking a lot about this lately! I also am in such a good place right now, but I know how quickly that can turn around. I think knowing that will help me enjoy the good times more.