Things I'm Loving/Catch Up

 1. Tucson's downtown has been a weekly hang out spot for me lately. There are the coolest
little bars with distinct character and you are bound to run into someone at all times. 
This cool skeleton was painted outside of one of the newest places called R Bar where
everything is red and has a desert feel. Different muralists (?) are always 
painting new pictures on this wall and it's fun to see what was painted recently. One 
time I got to watch as a mural was painted and that was fascinating!

2. I have become obsessed with Friday Night Lights lately. I even got my roommate hooked
so now when we both need a break from studying we watch an episode. I have been
missing football lately so it's the perfect fix. 

3. Have you seen Blake Lively's new website, Preserve? I was looking through 
and I really like it! It's unique and would be a great place to look for a fun gift or 
trinket for your home or if you're looking for an interesting story. 

4. The storms that have happened in Tucson this July have been incredible!
This was the aftermath of one and me and a friend narrowly escaped being poured on
but it was such a fun experience. Tucson in July might be my favorite which is 
something I never thought I would say.

How's your week going?

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