What to Give for...

Picking a perfect gift for a friends 21st birthday is a big deal. I love finding the gift
that is best suited for each friend and something they are really going to love. 
Each of the gifts sampled above are gifts that I have either given a friend or one of 
my friends have received and loved. 

Monogrammed mugs are always a classic. You can fill it with a couple small bottles of
their favorite type of wine or even candy if they aren't a drinker! Another cute
idea would be to put a small pair of earrings in the mug as a second little gift.

A monogrammed cocktail shaker is another great gift for the friend who is an aspiring
mixologist. They can put it on their bar cart or even use it as a personalized
glass for their drink! 

As we all probably know, Anthropologie has great home goods and their wine glasses
are always stunning. My friend received 2 of the wine glass above and they are beautiful
in person. Pairing a couple wine glasses with a great cocktail book is an awesome gift
and great for that bar cart I mentioned! 

Maybe these suggestions will help when you're thinking of a gift for your friends
21st or any birthday after 21!

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Sophia said...

Those mugs are adorable!