The one with the turtleneck

 So I definitely sneaked onto the University of Nevada-Reno campus to take these photos. I was also feeling slightly homesick because the buildings behind me looked a lot like those on the UA campus. We were in Reno because my mom and dad surprised me and my sister with some spa treatments at the Peppermill and we also got to escape to Tahoe for a day. I seriously lucked out in the parent department.

 This is me obviously pretending to be walking in Fashion Week.

Speaking of Fashion Week, call me bitter (which I probably am) but I can't wait for it to all die down. Same with the constant press for 50 Shades. ENOUGH ALREADY! Yaknowwhati'msaying???

Can we talk about this turtleneck though?? I am a HUGE fan of turtlenecks. I have been rocking them since the last time they were "in". Then my friends surprised me with this turtleneck for my birthday and let's just say, it's a weird day when I don't have it on. I would wear it to my Bio class every Tuesday and Thursday if I wouldn't think my classmates would start thinking it's the only thing I own. BUT IT'S SO COZY! (this one is kinda similar. It seems to have sold out at Old Navy! Petition to get it back??)

Also, if you didn't notice, I got the Madewell Transport Tote for my birthday as well and it basically goes with me everywhere. Now I just need to get into graduate school so I can put it to work! (side-eye grad schools... I'm horrible at waiting)

I hope you guys had a wonderful Valentines Day weekend surrounded by people you love. Because that's the point, isn't it? :)


Allie said...

I haven't been back to my college since graduating last year and I don't know if I could handle the emotions that I would feel! I would totally be sobbing and overwhelmed with nostalgia!

Allie said...

I didn't go to UNR, I went to the University of Arizona but the buildings look so similar that it made me all nostalgic!! Thanks for stopping by!!! :)