Fun & Fancy

I got this dress on sale right before Christmas at Anthropologie. It was a little more expensive than I would typically spend but I figured it would be a good statement piece. I've already gotten a decent amount of wear out of it so it has definitely paid itself off. Oh and did I mention is has pockets?? An instant win in my book.

While taking these photos I was debating switching spots and taking some in front of this giant red barn when these boys saw us and began yelling and hootin' and hollerin'. So naturally my sister and I raced back to the car and found a different spot to continue. ;)

Speaking of my sister, I mentioned that she left to study abroad in Italy and she is going to be dearly missed when I am in need of a photographer. She has been the perfect photographer since I moved home and no longer have my roommate, Monica, to take my photos. Now I am trying to recruit my younger sister but she doesn't seem as enthusiastic about the prospect.

Stay tuned for more about The Case of the New Photographer... 

haha totally kidding

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