Weekend Links

Haaaaaaaaappy Friday!

I think I am going to agree with everyone when this week felt like the looooongest! On Tuesday I was ready for it to be Friday. I have a pretty hectic weekend planned and feel like the blog could take a dip next week because of that so here are some fun links I've found to keep ya busy!

First off, I may need to splurge and get THESE SHOES for spring because I already know I would wear the heck out of them.

THESE SISTERS dressed up like the Best Picture nominee posters and it may be the cutest thing I saw all week.

Have you seen the trailer for Aloha yet? If not, watch it NOW. I am a huge Cameron Crowe fan (We Bought a Zoo anyone??) and so I seriously cannot wait to see this. Also, Emma Stone, Bradley Cooper, John Krasinski, Alec Baldwin AND Rachel McAdams??? Stop.

Umm yum! THESE COOKIES look amazing! Someone make them for me??

Continuing with food, I plan on making THESE for breakfast one day.

Have a great weekend!!

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