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Being back in my hometown is weird. Some days I feel like I'm still in high school and others I feel so very far removed from high school. I created a life for myself elsewhere and then moved away so this time at home, this transition, feels very much just that. It's a transitional period. But I want it to be more.

I read Hannah Brencher's post yesterday about the waiting game and I think it is so true how we can place ourselves in a waiting room. I'm waiting to see what my next step is, if this relationship is going to go anywhere, if I will get that job or if I should move to that new town etc. etc. etc. We place ourselves in these waiting rooms and let life pass us by. 

These days I am trying so very hard to not sit myself down in a waiting room with an old People magazine and some stale coffee. I'm trying to embrace this season of change with new friends, new jobs and this time with family. January was hard. As I think most January's are. I suffered with a lot of insecurities and anxiety wondering what my next step should be. I worked hard to make sure I stayed busy but much of the time I let my mind take over and that's never a good thing. 

Now it's February. And I'm feeling optimistic about February. I don't feel as anxious or frustrated with where I'm at. I don't feel as much FOMO for all my friends still in school because I know that no one else made this decision but me and I can live with that. 

So back to that waiting room. 

I am actively trying to remove myself from the waiting room and forcing myself to create a life. Maybe you have also placed yourself in some kind of waiting room and if so, I'd love for you to let me know so we can encourage each other. :) 

Oh, and happy Wednesday!

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