Weekend Recap

 Ok! To start things off, HOW IS IT ONLY WEDNESDAY???

 While I'm reeling from the first few days of grad school, I thought I'd share my adventurous weekend. The Pip's donuts above were actually devoured earlier in the week but they look so adorable and I thought they would start us off on the right foot. :) Also, I'm totally craving some now.

 First things first, I met my parents in Bend on Friday and after eating a delicious breakfast, we drove up to Mount Bachelor and saw Elk Lake and Benham Falls.

 The falls were stunning! I hadn't seen that much rushing water in quite some time because of a drought filled California. It was amazing how the river was so calm just a little further up from the falls and then the falls were so intense! If you're ever in Bend, definitely check out the falls!

 Then, back in Bend, we walked around Mirror Pond and the downtown area. I love how you can walk nearly everywhere in the downtown area! Now that I'm getting so used to walking most everywhere, being able to walk around and explore a city by foot is my preferred method of transportation.

On Saturday we went hiking in the Columbia River Gorge on the Triple Falls hike. It was absolutely beautiful and the forest was incredibly lush. We ended the day at the Multnomah Whiskey Library and Tasty and Alder for dessert. :)

It's been a whirlwind few days and my schedule shows absolutely no signs of slowing down foooooooooor about the next two years. ;)

So, tell me! How's life for you??

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