Letting Go

you see that rushing water next to me? that's a waterfall. in my dads hiking guidebook it said you could expect a small trickle during mid summer, yet this is what we saw. water was flowing at such a high speed. it was beautiful.

i figure that you can always be expecting something. expecting a small trickle of water, a sunny day, a good day for that matter, and sometimes (let's be real, most of the time) what we expect is never what really happens. but those are always the best adventures.

even for me, the biggest planner of all, i find those little unexpected adventures the best. i believe God has a way of waking us up a bit by surprising us with these adventures. it's His way of saying, "don't worry about it. you can't plan every little thing."

and that initial letting go is the hardest... but completely worth it.

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