New Beginnings

have you heard the song "Closing Time" by Semisonic? it has a great
line that goes "every new beginning comes from
some other beginnings end." beautiful right? Sounds
simple but honestly, had you thought of that before?
my last day of work was yesterday and boy, am i happy, but
it also means i'm one step closer to my truly new beginning.
no more tip jars that i say are for my college fund but really,
it's for my play money (movies, food etc.) let's
be real.

My coworker brought me balloons to mark the occasion (because
she's literally a saint. not joking) and i got a wee bit emotional.
no tears or anything but i decided i may miss my job.
a little bit. this newfound freedom till i leave though?
that's going to be wonderful!
so friends, here's to new beginnings! cheers!


Ashley said...

thats awesome! yay to new beginning and i love that song! :)

Allie said...

Thanks! :) I saw Friends With Benefits recently and they talk about the song in the movie, so it reminded me of how awesome that song is!