Obsessions: Brick Walls

i sense a new recurring topic here on the blog and i'll call it... obsessions!

So today, the obsession is brick. Though, anyone that sees me all the time would know that brick is an obsession that is nothing new. I talk about it... a lot. I can't even pin point why I love it so very, very much but the love is there and it is strong.

My dream is to have a few brick walls in my house because I find that they are a great focal point. There is something so classy and sophisticated about them. But having my whole outside of my house being brick would be lovely also. :)

Here are some pictures found on Pinterest that I just love! The ones with the wall behind the beds being brick is absolute love.

In other news, I packed away my twinkly lights and picture frames for college yesterday. Slowly but surely I'll be moving out of here. And today I'm heading to Newport with my mom! So excited!

Have a great Tuesday!


The.Red.See said...

I love exposed brick wall, it add such a nice touch to a room.

Ana Magdalena said...

oh yes! brick walls add such a romantic touch to any space.

Jennifer Rod said...

lovely bricks you got there! :) with these brick styles in a home who wouldnt be obsessed with them.