What I'm loving/dreading

What I'm not loving:
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Really, only one thing... desert heat. It's the worst. Running to my next
class with only 10 minutes in between is crazy. I end up arriving to class
feeling disgusting and hating all the other students who look all refreshed.

But one of the nicer things are the warm evenings. Those I'll keep.

What I'm loving:
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My pretty beach bike that I can see from my window but
have yet to ride around campus on.

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Blueberry Odwalla's! They are so good! I actually don't like plain
blueberries but in an Odwalla, I'll have them any day.

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Exercise! I know, whaaa? Exercise?! But honestly, it has calmed me
and made me perkier at times. Plus it's fun working out with our little group
we formed. Today my friend Seth and I did 30 push ups (hey, they were hard)
and our goal is to eventually work towards 50! I love goals. :)

So that my friends, is what I'm loving/ not loving right now.
Now I should go back to my homework. Lord knows I've
got enough.

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