So This is College

I am all moved in! Granted, I want to put some twinkly lights up (who says you need it to be Christmas?) and I think we might get a curtain for my window, but I love my dorm room.

The dorm is one of the oldest on campus and has so much character. I am in a triple and so we have a large room with one bed and two desks (my bed and one of the desks is mine) and then a back room with two beds and one desk. It's spacious and we have 5 windows! So much natural sunlight!

Oh, and classes start tomorrow! Ah! Wish me luck please! :)
I was mapping out my route today but it looks like I'm going to be having quite the trek some days. Oh jeez. For now, here are some pictures of the room:
bed area (the framed wall areas are amazing!)
side wall

Have a great day/night/afternoon!

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